That Awkward Section of the Koran that Validates the Bible

by Arthur Khachatryan

One would think that the Koran, like other holy books, would try to carve out its own set of claims and distance itself from claims of other holy books. The strange thing is that the Koran doesn’t do this as people may presume; according to the Koran, the Koran and the Bible are supposedly on equal footing. Did you know that the Koran actually validates the Bible, and in so doing invalidates itself?

What Does the Koran Say About the Bible?

So what does the Koran actually say about the Bible?

“He (God) sent down to you the Book with the Truth, confirming what came before it; and He sent down the Torah and the Gospel.” I

Here, the Koran Says that the Bible (Torah and the Gospel) is the revelation of God and is inspired by God. In unequivocal terms, the Koran states that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Since the Koran itself is claimed to be the words of Allah, the authority of the passage cannot be more important. If Allah has revealed that the Torah and Gospel (aka the Bible) were sent by him, then the Bible cannot err in its claims. But those claims make things quite uncomfortable for the Koran…

That Awkward Section of the Koran that Validates the Bible