Faith Is Holding On To Reality — All of Reality

by Tom Gilson

I’m one week out of foot surgery, correcting an unusual tendon problem along the outside of my right foot. It’s not the world’s most painful surgery and it’s far from the scariest diagnosis, but given what it takes to recover, it could be the most disruptive of all outpatient surgeries. I was completely bound to my bed the whole first week, and I’m emerging only gradually now.

So I really hope my surgeon is right when he says this should take care of it for me. I’m hoping — but I can’t tie my life satisfaction to that hope. Surgeons said the very same thing to me after each of the five operations on my other foot over the past seven years. They were hopeful, too; in fact, for most of the first three or four years out of those seven, I was “six to eight weeks from fully recovery.” Didn’t happen that way.

Oh, and did I mention my wife and I did most of our courting on mountain hiking trails? Or that our family always loved to go camping? That hasn’t happened in quite a while, either.

It would be so easy to go bitter over lost opportunities. I pause and explore inside myself, and I can feel it lurking, watching for the chance to leap and grab me by the throat.

More to Reality

But then I remember: Reality isn’t all wrapped up in a black fiberglass cast; only my foot is…

Faith Is Holding On To Reality — All of Reality