Dear Friends,

In the last year, The Poached Egg was viewed in 192 countries and an additional 11 territories (see map graphic below). Many of these countries have little access to apologetics and theology resources, including several that are closed countries where religious freedom is restricted. Imagine apologetically informed spiritual conversations happening throughout the world. You can make that happen!

We are poised to accelerate this impact in 2019.

You have already experienced the updated design and function of The Poached Egg as we integrated with Engage 360 Ministries. This redesign has significantly increased interaction with the site and we are now on pace for 1 Million page views in 2019!

It has been an incredible year to say the least, but it is only the beginning of what we desire to accomplish through the ministry of The Poached Egg. Help us meet our funding goal of $60,000 by year end and be part of accomplishing the following:

  • Increase access to apologetics resources in countries throughout the world through targeted research strategies.
  • Add a TPE membership community with forums, a “members only” blog feed, and live training from apologists, blogging experts, and web design experts.
  • Create an app for The Poached Egg which would significantly increase our ability to reach Millennials and Generation Z with solid apologetics and theology.
  • Reach 250,000 people worldwide with solid apologetics and theology resources.

Join our $60,000 year end drive to give us the momentum needed to reach these goals in 2019. These are high aspirations but we know two things:

  1. We serve a mighty God who has unlimited resources at His disposal and desires for all to know Him.
  2. The Poached Egg community is great in number and in enthusiasm for helping apologetics to further the Kingdom!

No gift is too small (or big)! Give generously as you invest in the Kingdom, whether it is with The Poached Egg or other worthy ministries!

Thank you in advance for your financial partnership, faithful interest in TPE, and prayers for our continued impact. This year has been a challenging and rewarding year for The Poached Egg Team but God has blessed us richly and we are even more excited to see what He has in store for 2019!

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Yours in Christ,

Greg West and The Poached Egg Team