Free Webinar on The Secret to Integrating Apologetics in the Church with Special Guest Dr. Tim McGrew

Click the image of the video below to watch the recent Engage 360 Webinar focused on successfully integrating apologetics in the local church.  Hear from Tim McGrew (professor at Western Michigan and contributor to Project 360) and the Engage 360 team about approaches we can all take to avoid some of the primary barriers that keep apologists from full engagement within their local church.

It is a common experience for those of us that are excited about apologetics to have trouble finding the same enthusiasm with pastors and congregants in our churches.  Apologetics is far to important to remain isolated from most people in the Church.  Christians today likely need apologetics more than ever before.  However, helping them understand the true value of apologetics can still be a significant challenge.

What if we were to rethink our approach and stop trying to convince people that they need to do apologetics?  The question would be, “How to you help them learn apologetics if you stop trying to convince them about the value of apologetics?”  What if we focused on efforts primarily on helping Christians to share their faith and have spiritual conversations in everyday life?  A recent Barna survey indicated that only 13% of Christians who regularly attend church had a spiritual conversation once a week.  Our efforts in apologetics will best serve the Church by helping Christians to seek out spiritual conversations and equipping them to be effective when having those conversations.  This will not only lead to more successful evangelism but also building up the faith of those we help train.

In the webinar, we discuss a strategy to make sharing our faith the focus and using that as a natural way to integrate apologetics in the process.



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