Why Apologetics is Critical for Campus Evangelism

by Frederick Choo

Have you tried talking to someone on your campus about your Christian beliefs? What was his/her response? Well, as a Christian who happens to be a student, here’re some comments I have heard,

“Christianity is opposed to reason!”

“Why do you still believe in such stuff? Science has disproven Christianity!”

“Don’t you think Christianity is blind faith?”

“Accepting Christianity means rejecting science and evolution. I can’t bring myself to do that.” 

And a fairly common one:

“Christianity is just one of the many equally valid religious views to choose from. It’s ultimately a life choice.”

It is both startling and unsurprising that Singaporeans youths are shunning religion, with 23% of 15-25 years old indicating “no religion” in a 2015 General Household Survey conducted by Department of Statistics.

William Lane Craig, founder of Reasonable Faith said, the Gospel “is always heard against the background of the cultural milieu in which one lives.”

If our culture is one in which Christianity is seen as disproven, requires blind faith, or just another way of living, then there will be a lack of openness in listening to the Gospel and people will be apathetic to Christianity.

This is the time when I believe Christian apologetics is increasingly critical to campus evangelism – both on a personal and ministry front…

Why Apologetics is Critical for Campus Evangelism