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4 Reasons Apologetics Benefits You

by Drew Covert

If you’ve ever tried to share your convictions with someone (and if you’re a Christian, I would hope that you had!), you know how intimidating it can be.   I’ve been there.  We don’t want to be the one getting tongue tied and fumbling for words. Getting a conversation started is usually the hardest part of evangelism.  Most people’s biggest fear however is being asked a question you can’t answer. Apologetics can make a difference in these interactions.

How does apologetics solve this problem? Apologetics is essentially making a case for what you believe.  But does Apologetics benefit us in other ways besides evangelism?

Many Christians believe that Apologetics is too academic and requires too much study to be of value.  I disagree.  I believe the study of apologetics is essential not only for evangelism, but for our own growth as Christians. Here are four ways that being a good Christian case maker can be of value to you as a Christian…

4 Reasons Apologetics Benefits You


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