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Dear Apologists: Avoid Making This Easy Mistake!

by Misty Callahan

When we’re starting off in apologetics, we learn fascinating facts about the early dating of the gospels, the cosmological argument, ontological argument, or how information contained in DNA likely points to an intelligent designer.

We get excited and we want to share what we learned, thinking that our new information will finally bring that one friend, family member, or co-worker to Christ. Yet oftentimes, many become frustrated or disappointed when our apologia falls on deaf ears.

Is our aggravation due to the validity or invalidity of the arguments or information? Or are we, in our own way, trying to take credit for something that only God can do: change people.

Focus On What You Can Do

This weekend my church went over 2 Kings Ch 5 where Naaman was healed by God through Elisha. He pointed out that Elisha didn’t accept Naaman’s gifts because he didn’t want to take credit for what only God could do: bring healing.

My pastor connected Naaman’s story to Christians who try to do things that only God can do: namely, change hearts and minds. So, in trying to do something, or change someone, we usually just end up frustrating ourselves and becoming discouraged…

Dear Apologists: Avoid Making This Easy Mistake!


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