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Teleological Argument Refuted?

by Scott Dunkley

The Teleological Argument is a cornerstone of Christian apologetics and claims that the strong appearance of design in the universe indicates a divine designer.  One of the key evidences of the Teleological Argument is the low likelihood of such appearance of design having occurred by chance.  Given that this likelihood is statistically zero, the case for intentional design is strongly supported.

However, an online atheist who calls himself “Dark Matter” and runs a YouTube channel called “DarkAntics” has posted a video that he claims easily disproves this central tenet of the Teleological Argument.  Dark Matter describes how he recently witnessed an impossible event, with odds of over 19 trillion to 1 against it happening.  What is this event?  He saw a particular leaf fall onto a particular spot on the ground at a particular time.  Clearly this occurrence is not miraculous at all and that is his point.  The event only looks statistically impossible when we are trying, beforehand, to predict where and when a particular leaf will fall.  But after the fact, it’s no big deal since it was inevitable that the leaf would fall at some point.  Dark Matter claims the Teleological Argument makes the same mistake.  In his words, Christian apologists “mistake improbability with inevitability.”

While Dark Matter’s argument sounds sophisticated, it is actually quite sophomoric.  There are at least four challenges to his argument that we detail below…

Teleological Argument Refuted?


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