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The Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong

by Tom Gilson

Atheists love all their soundbites, but this one they love most of all. There is none more destructive than this: “Faith is belief without evidence.”

It’s destructive because it’s been wielded with carpet-bombing efficiency as the core idea in Richard Dawkins’ runaway best-seller The God Delusion. Never mind that the book violates Dawkins’ own standard of “reason” on virtually every page. Never mind that he operates without evidence himself in every chapter. He’s sold a lot of books in spite of that, and he’s sold a lot of people on atheism.

It’s destructive because it misrepresents Christianity as an unthinking religion. Never mind that our greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, or that a huge proportion of the greatest scientists, artists and thinkers in Western history have been Christians. Somehow, still, this meme makes Christianity out to be a fool’s game, a delusion.

Worst of all, though, it’s destructive because even Christians — many of them — believe it’s true. They actually think that’s what faith is. So they don’t bother teaching one another how we can know Christianity is true. Thus they practice their religion while discarding the life of the mind — living in open disobedience to the greatest commandment of them all…

The Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong


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