3 Responses to the Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong

by Duane Caldwell

As a corollary to their false belief that there is no evidence for God, many atheists are fond of using a wide spread but incorrect meme that express the idea that Faith is belief without evidence. In an article on The Stream titled “The Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong” Tom Gilson addresses it as put forth by atheist cheerleader Richard Dawkins:

Faith is belief without evidence and reason;
Coincidentally that’s also the definition of delusion

Tom’s approach: he uses the logical argument known as reductio ad absurdum to illustrate one reason why the statement is wrong. This type of argument demonstrates that the statement is false by supposing it to be true then illustrating that the logical and inevitable result or conclusion of the argument is patently absurd or false.

Tom uses the reductio ad absurdum successfully – demonstrating that if it were true, then Jesus by his resurrection would be destroying the disciples faith instead of building it up – which is of course absurd and false. But as Tom also points out there are a number of ways to demonstrate this trope is false. And since the route Tom takes to get there seems to me to be a bit circuitous let me point out 3 other more direct (hopefully) and easier to remember ways to respond to this often used but dead wrong statement…

3 Responses to the Deadly Atheist Meme Even Christians Get Wrong