Do You Desire a Savior or a Santa Claus

by Brian G. Chilton

The American church has a major problem. While I could certainly discuss declining attendance and many other issues, the root of the problem is focus. The American church has a spiritual maturity problem. It has nothing to do with Millennials, Gen-X, the iGen generation, or the Baby Boomers. The problem is an inherent desire to have a Santa Claus rather than a Savior.

This is a similar problem that the rich young ruler had. In Luke 18, a rich young ruler approached Jesus to inquire what was necessary for him to obtain eternal life. The young man listed all the good deeds he had performed in hopes that he would receive some special privilege from Jesus. Jesus gave the young man the answer. He was to sell everything he had and follow Jesus. It is not known if Jesus literally meant for the man to sell all he owned or if he was merely testing the man. Either way, the young man loved his possessions more than he desired to follow Jesus. The young man desired a Santa Claus rather than a Savior. Like the young ruler, the modern church also desires to have a Santa over a Savior in four ways…

Do You Desire a Savior or a Santa Claus

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