Culture is deeply saturated in three dominant philosophies: relativism, pluralism, and naturalism. Relativism says there is no absolute truth. Religious pluralism says there is no exclusive truth in religion (all views are equally true). Naturalism says there is no supernatural truth.

Do you see a problem in doing evangelism in this cultural climate? We are presenting an absolute truth to a relativistic culture, an exclusivist message to a pluralistic culture, and a supernatural view to a naturalistic culture. It is no surprise that Christians are confronted with questions like, How can Jesus be the only way? Has science proven that miracles are impossible? and Who are you to force your morality on me? These questions grow out of the soil of a secular worldview. Apologetics responds to these questions at the worldview level.

Not only does the Bible command apologetics, but the culture also demands it. —Tim Barnett (from, Why Apologetics?)