How Should I Respond to the Claim We Don’t Have the Original Bible?

by Bernard J. Mauser

Can it be good to NOT have an original?

Norman Rockwell’s painting Saying Grace sold in 2013 for $46 million dollars. It was so valuable because it was an original and he is famous for capturing American life better than others. There are many of us who value and collect original or first-edition works.

Many people attack Christianity on the grounds that the original manuscripts of the Bible are not around. The original letter or work of an ancient author is called an autograph. For example, the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians would be considered the autograph or the original. He wrote one letter to them and sent it. They would have copied it to make sure they had more than just the original to encourage them and they sent it to other churches. This means there were twenty seven original manuscripts (Gospels and letters) in the New Testament. Nobody has recorded what became of the originals of the Bible, though due to the material they would be written on, it should be no wonder why they decomposed. Why is it good that we do not possess the original manuscripts of the Bible? I can think of many reasons…

How Should I Respond to the Claim We Don’t Have the Original Bible?