Liar, Lunatic, or Reliable: Why I Love the Apostle Paul

by John Piper

I have lived with the apostle Paul for over sixty years — admired him, envied him, feared him, pounded on him, memorized him, written poems about him, wept over his sufferings, soared with him, sunk to the brink of death with him, spent eight years preaching through his longest letter, imitated him. Ha — imitated him! In ten lives, I would not come close to his sufferings — or what he saw.

Can you really know a man who lived two thousand years ago? We have thirteen letters that he wrote and a short travelogue of his ministry — the book of Acts — written by his personal physician, Luke. My answer is yes, you can know him. And when you get to know him, you will either love him and believe him, or hate him as an impostor, or pity him as deceived, or, perhaps, simply be oblivious that you are dealing with a real man.

Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?

Perhaps you have heard the “liar, lunatic, or Lord” argument about whether Jesus was speaking truth when he claimed to be the divine Lord of the universe. He said things like…

Liar, Lunatic, or Reliable: Why I Love the Apostle Paul