What it Means to be Human

by Lisa Quintana

Who are You?
“Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.”  John 1:12

It seems an odd question to answer—what does it means to be human? Yet it is imperative in this culture of confusion that we have the correct answer to this vital question. And it all rests on one’s worldview, which is the lens that we use to view reality. Is our lens clear?

Depending on one’s worldview, answering what it means to be human can vary widely. For this purpose, I am going to focus on the worldview that I hold which is a Christian one. I believe the “Christian lens” is the clearest explanation for reality. Reality shows us that there is something wrong with the world – humans keep messing things up. Why? It’s because we’ve rebelled against God. So, Jesus came to restore humanity back to its Creator.

When properly lived, Christianity is the most human way to live. Not only did Jesus come to offer us salvation, He showed us what it means to be human. His life was morally exceptional, and we would all do better if we studied His life and tried our best to emulate it.

From the belief system of Christianity, to be human is to be created in the Imago Dei, a Latin term for the “image of God.” This image is special – no other creature on Earth has it. It is reserved specifically for humans, which sets us apart from all other created things. We are created especially for God for His glory. What is God’s glory, anyway? Being clear on the meaning of words is import, and this is one of those words that Christians sometimes use without thinking of the deeper meaning and purpose behind the word…

What it Means to be Human