3 Disturbing Cultural Trends Youth Pastors Need to Address

by Steven Kozak

I really like Jesus, but I have no intention of following him.” I was dumbfounded, but that is what they told me. They sincerely believed that to be a Christian only meant they had to like or appreciate Jesus and some of the things he said. Jesus was nothing more than sort of a model citizen and loving like he did means accepting people for who they are and affirming them in whatever lifestyle they chose. To do otherwise was a heinous act of hatred. The symptom of this ideology has been called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. Essentially the idea that what matters is being a good person. And being a good person meant the negation of truth. Because truth presupposes exclusivity. And exclusivity is hateful and hurtful.

The underlying root cause is our culture’s recent dive into what is now call Post-truth. From college to elementary school, students are being taught that all ideologies are equal and all ought to be embraced simultaneously. Now, simple logic would reveal this cannot be true. In terms of worldviews, two opposing ideologies cannot both be true. You can’t believe Jesus to be the only way to the Father but also believe in reincarnation. They don’t fit—a clear contradiction.

The western world is officially post-Christian—actively rejecting Jesus and the gospel. This is forcing churches to face some new challenges…

3 Disturbing Cultural Trends Youth Pastors Need to Address