Can Science Explain Everything? Book Review

by Sean McDowell

Whenever John Lennox writes a new book, I pay attention. After all, he is not only brilliant (Emeritus Professor of Math at Oxford), but also remarkably gracious in his interaction with critics. This is not easy to do when writing on such divisive issues as the intersection of faith and science!

Thus, I eagerly picked up a copy of his new book Can Science Explain Everything?

As Lennox notes, we live in an increasingly secular age that embraces scientism, the idea that science is the primary (and sometimes only) means of knowing reality. This “science side,” as Lennox dubs it, claims to be the voice of reason working hard to roll back the tide of ignorance and superstition.

In contrast, the “God side,” holds to the existence of a divine intelligence behind the beauty and complexity of the world. Believers often seem surprised that others don’t see the world as they do.

Given their radically different belief systems, and the disdain that often characterizes interaction between the two camps, many conclude that God and science do not mix.

Enter John Lennox…

Can Science Explain Everything? Book Review

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