Questions for ‘progressive’ preachers

There’s a reason some pastors retreat behind the walls of their offices

by Dr. Everett Piper

A pastor sent me a message this week.

After spending some time highlighting my limited knowledge of social psychology as well as my ignorance of cognitive and moral development theories, he proceeded to chastise me for what he termed my “confirmation bias.”

How was I guilty of such ideological foreclosure?

It seems my sin was my persistent criticism of the ineffectual and bankrupt thinking of ‘Progressives.’

“Jesus was neither a Republican or a Democrat,” said my clerical coach. “Your focus on partisan politics only distracts from the message of Christ. Surely, if you were more open minded, you could find some examples where Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong?”

Knowing context is always king, I decided to ask a question or two before succumbing to the temptation of venturing an answer: “Aside from the fact that Jesus obviously wasn’t either a Republican or Democrat, because neither party existed at the time, can you tell me what exact political policies are of concern to you? Please be specific,” I said.

Failing to get a response, I decided to double down a bit…

Questions for ‘progressive’ preachers

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