The Truth Behind New York’s New Abortion Law

by Claudia Kalmikov

By now you have probably heard the disturbing news about the new law that was passed in New York. On Thursday, January 24th, Satan doubled-down and governor Andrew Cuomo of New York city declared that it is now lawful to abort full-term babies for the health of the mother.

After the initial shock and wave of horror that ignites one’s fury, one has to think about the question of why this happened. A scientific reason was cited. However murdering innocent babies is a moral-ethical matter, not a scientific one.

It’s no surprise that our culture has changed rapidly in the last two decades and continues to do so. We live in a post-truth culture where truth is subordinated to feelings. Facts and truth don’t matter. Feelings do.

Further, what the Bible says about morality is ignored, and regarded as ludicrous, and something an intelligent person doesn’t believe, much less live by. Especially if it represents morality that conflicts with the morality we want to live out.

So what is this new law all about? To know this, we have to look at history…

The Truth Behind New York’s New Abortion Law

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