Some Extraordinary Claims in Apologetics

by Donald Williams

A popular argument often used by Atheists and Skeptics is called the “Extraordinary Claim Argument.”  It says that an extraordinary claim (like the resurrection of Christ) requires extraordinary evidence.  It is a clever way of setting the bar so high that, no matter what kind of evidence the Christian presents, the Atheist does not even have to deal with it.  You see, history cannot produce the kind of airtight proof that is demanded.  It can only establish that the claims of the witnesses are generally credible.

Next time somebody tries this gambit on you, remind him that it cuts both ways.  The idea that this wonderful, intricately designed, and finely tuned universe randomly popped into existence out of nothing for no reason and then proceeded to organize itself through random purposeless processes into DNA and intelligence—is that not an extraordinary claim?  The notion that the Disciples were transformed from clueless wimps and cowards to people who turned the world upside down by what they knew to be a lie—is that not an extraordinary claim?  And the idea that Atheists are the only ones who care about reason and evidence while Christians are the ones who believe absurdities out of blind faith—that may be the most extraordinary claim of all…

Some Extraordinary Claims in Apologetics

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