An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

by Donnie Haflich

I’m afraid David Kinnaman was right. There are droves of youth leaving the church today. I’ve sat with many leaders in the church today and have asked, in varying ways, why they think it is that more young people are leaving the church more often.

Though not everyone I’ve spoken with would say it in these terms exactly, the general consensus that comes up is that their worldview isn’t being shaped by the church, but by culture.

If our worldviews represent our understanding of the world around us, and the church isn’t doing much to shape that understanding, then something has gone wrong. Either the questions kids are asking are being insufficiently answered by pastors and leaders or something far worse, we’re outright ignoring their questions and telling them that doubt is a sin.

As an aside, I know many leaders who are doing this well and are seeking to do better every day. These shepherds are hopeful that the church is beginning to see the need for healthy mentorship and faithful preaching of the Word. They see the gaps in discipleship being filled by capable men and women who want to see a change in the next generation. This, in turn, makes me hopeful too!

So how do we stop this exodus of young people out of the church?…

An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To