Apologetics & Evangelism in a Post- Christian Culture

by Rob Lundberg

I don’t think anyone of us will disagree, that our culture is really going into the bin of chaos. We have ideologies, gender confusion, skeptical views, sexual dysphoria behaviors of varying stripes, and all kinds of hedonistic, sexual dysphoria, and narcissistic behavior vying  for attention and affirmation in our culture. With all of this going on, I wonder when pastors are going to wake up and realize that their job description is not wrapped in a building program, or growing the numbers in attendance for Sunday Small Group (a.ka.a. Sunday School).

In all actuality, the “if you build it they will come” mindset of many churches is not working.  The statistics are telling, where much of the resources out there are confirming that 3 out of 4 young persons leave the faith after they leave home or in their first year of college or university.  Youth ministries focusing on relationships among young people, instead of discipling their youth in growing deep in their relationship with the Lord, are the catalyst for creating atheists, rather than robust believers ready to fulfill the Great Commission. But in order to fulfill the Great Commission, we cannot ignore the Great Commandment given by God and affirmed by Jesus. I will have more on that in just a moment.

When are we going  to realize that something needs to change to bring the church out from out behind the eight ball of the culture? My objective for this post is to show that we need to bring in the handmaiden of evangelism, apologetics, into the church and into our evangelism. With our skeptical culture increasing, tracts will work in very limited contexts.  We must engage people and be able to articulate our faith in an intelligent manner…

Apologetics & Evangelism in a Post- Christian Culture