At Last, Common Ground for Atheists and Intelligent Design Advocates

by John Zmirak

Atheists have a problem. When they look at life on earth, every last trace of it — from single cells rife with complex microstructures, to the eagle’s eye and biologist’s brain — looks like the product of design. How do we explain the exquisite precision required for every biological action? At every level. From the careful production of just the right proteins to fuel each living cell and reproduce itself, to the stunning symbiotic relationships we see among species.

My favorite: The Pitcher Plant. Yes, the whole group of species, which deal with the lack of nitrogen in their soil by luring and catching insects. But even more a single, eccentric species. One which seems to have gone vegetarian. Instead of attracting bugs, it lures in bats. They are eager for shelter in the heat of the day. The plant gets its nutrients (you guessed it) from their poop. How does it attract them? By fashioning its flower to reflect the sounds they use in echo-location. In effect, the plant seems to say: “Central Air Conditioning, and Clean Restrooms.” Like some shiny roadside truck stop.

An Atheist’s Act of Faith

But someone committed to atheism — usually for personal, not intellectual reasons — sees hints like these not as a promise but a threat. They’re fingerprints of a jailer. Propaganda signs for a tyrant. And the “argument from design” is one of the oldest and strongest arguments for God.

The atheist needs to find an alternate explanation…

At Last, Common Ground for Atheists and Intelligent Design Advocates