Five Misconceptions of Christians

by Matthew Tingblad

One of the craziest ironies of our time is this: The overload of information being pumped into our heads has resulted in so much illiteracy about our world. We are bombarded with so much information that it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction. It has become way too easy to develop fantasies about the world we live in. This is especially troubling when these fantasies involve our fellow human beings.

Most of us realize that the media generally picks stories that jab cultural pressure points — and milks those stories to produce maximum click-bait impact. Just look at social media to see how much misinformation is tossed about as “truth” — and how angry people are getting because they lazily accept it as such. It’s just so much easier to instantly get mad and offended, right?

It has, indeed, become very difficult to view and understand each other, with both sides choosing to broadcast stories that represent the most extreme aspects of their “enemies.” Christianity, which really bothers some people, has long been skewed as a negative, if not freaky, social construct by society.

“Well, you Christians don’t like this, and you demand that, and you’re so judgmental about this, and you want to force me to do that….” When I hear non-Christians say these things, I sometimes ask what formed their viewpoint. Too often, it’s simply what they heard from society. Or it’s based on their experience with a single Christian.

In view of that, I’d like to offer a short list of broad misconceptions that some people have about Christians — which are simply untrue…

Five Misconceptions of Christians