The Beautiful Mind of Jesus

by Brad Cooper

It was about twenty-five years ago, but it is one of those memories that in many ways remains quite vivid. I was sitting in the chapel service at the very liberal seminary where I got my M.Div. A prominent bishop of that seminary’s denomination was speaking that day and promoting the acceptance of homosexuality. He quoted John 1:14 saying, “Jesus was full of grace,” and then went on to give his own personal spin on what grace meant. Immediately, I thought, “Wait a second! That’s not right!” And as I walked out of the chapel that day, I turned to one of my friends, saying, “He deliberately misquoted that verse. It doesn’t say Jesus came full of grace but that Jesus came full of grace and truth.”

His quotation was a half-truth and a whole lie. It seemed that the bishop recognized that quoting the full verse would completely undermine the point that he was making. Indeed it does. Moreover, grace without truth ceases to be true grace. And truth dispensed without grace is in error, also. The two necessarily go hand in hand if one wants to be like Jesus.

There is a strong tendency today—not just among liberals but also among evangelicals—to…

The Beautiful Mind of Jesus