The Universe: Fine-Tuned For Our Redemption

by Ted Flint

This blog is a summary of three works:

1. The calculation done by Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe determining the probability of a planet existing that can sustain a global, high-tech civilization.

2. Portions of the book Improbable Planet, by Hugh Ross

3. Hugh Ross’s talk at the 2017 AMP Conference[1]on the events necessary for the gospel to be spread world-wide to a population of 8 billion people.

The Bible makes it clear that everything which God creates is for the purpose of bringing humans into a redemptive relationship with Christ. There have been many articles written on how Jesus was born at the perfect – and the earliest – time in history to enable the gospel message to spread to the most number of people. The Roman Empire had a highway system and a unified Greek language, ships had come of age, and the “Pax Romana” created a stable environment that allowed for the spread of a new idea. But it is not just historical events that align perfectly. In nature, the entire universe and every geological event that has occurred is for the purpose of making that redemption possible.

Every event in the history of our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and our planet plays a role in making the redemption of billions of people on Earth a possibility.

The chances that life can exist on a planet become exponentially greater as you move from simple bacteria to animals and plants to humans simply existing to the capability of spreading the gospel message to 8 billion people all over the planet. Several hundred events must all coincide for this to happen…

The Universe: Fine-Tuned For Our Redemption