Does Science Prove the Resurrection Was Impossible?

by Tom Gilson

Dead men don’t rise again. No other fact is so clearly established in science. You could quibble and say some people have been resuscitated under intense medical care, but that means nothing for the resurrection story that really counts: Jesus’. Science says he couldn’t have risen after three days, and that’s that. It could be a legend, a myth, or at best the naïve mistake of a gullible, pre-scientific people, but it certainly isn’t the true account of a really dead man really rising in victory.

But does science really say that? Before we dive into that question, let’s pause and give these supposedly naïve people a break. They knew death better than most of us do. They lived with it, both animal death and human death. They may not have known what we do of decomposition and entropy , but they knew this much as well as we do: No one’s going to rise from death unless it’s a miracle, because dead men don’t live again.

But there’s that naïveté again: They believed in miracles! That’s exactly what science rules out, right? Galileo, Newton, Boyle and thousands since them have proved the world runs by natural law. And natural law tells us in a thousand ways that death is for keeps.

So, game over — the resurrection couldn’t have happened, right?


Does Science Prove the Resurrection Was Impossible?