“Revival” means coming to life again; and Christianity certainly has displayed intellectual life. We can claim a huge heritage of thinkers, scientists, artists and teachers. It begins with Jesus, whose simple teaching masked an extraordinary level of insight and quick-wittedness. Then there’s Paul: Just try writing a paragraph to match his jam-packed first chapter of Ephesians!

Down through history it goes: Jerome. Augustine. Boethius. Magnus. Aquinas. Brahe. Copernicus. Galileo. Kepler. Pascal. Clerk Maxwell. Farady. Mendel. Palestrina. Bach. Hugo. Tolstoy. Solzhenitisyn. Would it surprise you to know that Werner von Braun, the founder of rocket science, was a believing Christian?

This is Christianity in action, both in the Bible and in history. This is what God has called us to, and we’re not giving it nearly enough attention. We need a revival of knowledge in the Church. —Tom Gilson (from, The Other Revival the Church Desperately Needs)