Here’s my appeal to internet atheists and skeptics… Find contradictions in the Bible all you want, but assume Christians have seen the problems and have a good answer for them. Because we have and we do — and you’d know that, if you knew your history. You still want to try to knock down Christianity after that? Go after our real beliefs. Ask us about something worth asking about. Then we’ll be glad to talk.

And here’s my appeal to fellow believers: Don’t play the game by their rules. Challenge them with the question we should never let them escape: “Do you really think this generation is the first one to pose that kind of question? Do you know so little intellectual history? Is your view of Christians that ignorant — or that inhuman? Go do some basic homework, before you blindly accuse us of not doing ours.” —Tom Gilson (from, It’s Stupid to Think Christianity is as Stupid as Some Skeptics Suppose)