I needed to know why I believed what I believed.

I needed to have an answer.

I needed to be prepared to give a defense for the hope within me whenever someone asked.

That was my light bulb moment, the moment I realized that apologetics offered me a way to make disciples by responding to critique as well as doubt. Apologetics opened up a way for me to love people in a way I never realized was possible. We aren’t supposed to only love seekers. We are to love the skeptics and the doubters, and just telling them to “Let go and let God” was not the way to love them. They needed real answers. My children need real answers! And the beautiful thing about God is that He gives us meaty answers that we can sink our teeth into. Answers that fortify my faith in the midst of suffering and persecution. Once I realized how much more solid my faith was when I could give reasons for it, I never looked back. —Lindsey Medenwaldt (from, The Moment I Realized That Apologetics was Important For Me as a Christian)