Strengthen a Teen’s Faith with these 3 Questions

by Alison Simmons

INSIDE: A great technique for starting conversations that will strengthen a teen’s faith so they are READY to defend it when they leave home.

“What do I need to know to help my daughter/son answer the questions they have about Christianity?”

“What do I need to do to strengthen the relationships I have with my kids so I can continue to speak into their lives?”

“I’ve taken my kids to church their entire lives. How do I get them to care more about God?”

Have you ever asked any of these questions or one similar to them? Even if you have taken your child to church every Sunday for 18 years and diligently taught them the Truth of the Bible at home, there is a chance it won’t make a difference. A whopping 50%-70% of young Christians walk away from the church by the time they are in their collage years! (source) This is a scary statisic when your own teen is just a few years (or less) from leaving home and will take on a world that hates the Bible.

The question is: WHY are young people abandoning their faith?

Further research indicated the #1 reason is because they don’t know how to answer tough questions about their faith. Having so many unanswered questions themselves, when they are met with worldly intellectual skepticism, it is easier to reject what their parents/pastors taught them then to stand on their own weak convictions…

Strengthen a Teen’s Faith with these 3 Questions