Apologetics and Ecclesiastes

by Deborah Boutwell

When I started working for a bible publisher, I heard the term “apologetics” for the first time. Then one of our youth pastors started studying apologetics and preaching. My mom never really cared for it or maybe it was the term itself she didn’t care for. I think that’s probably the only time I heard her complain about the preaching.

Apologetics is not apologizing, which I believe was Mom’s issue with the term. Like her, I felt the same way. I’m not apologizing for my faith, however I do want to learn how to defend it better and that is what apologetics is, “reasoned argument”. I don’t even like that definition, I don’t want to argue about my faith. I just want to be able to explain what I believe in a reasonable manner.

In high school, our lunch time table talks would often become somewhat apologetic in nature, looking back. I was friends with people of different faiths and we would talk about those differences, never expecting to change anyone’s mind, just to be better informed and, as young teenage girls, being curious about what happened in other churches. I often asked my parents to let me go to one of the other churches, but it wasn’t encouraged.

So, as I was cleaning out some things recently, I came across an apologetics bible…

Apologetics & Ecclesiastes