Evidence for Jesus’ Miracles Outside the Bible

by Ryan Leasure

Everyone knows the Gospels are chock-full of Jesus’ miracles. Making the lame walk, causing the blind to see, and even raising the dead were no problem for him.

Christians heartily embrace Jesus’ miracles. After all, if Jesus is fully God, he created the universe. And if he’s capable of creating the universe, certainly he could give someone his sight back.

Skeptics, however, disagree. Not only do they deny Jesus’ deity, they deny that Jesus performed any miracles at all. Sure, he might have been a wise man who said some good things, but performing miracles is out of the question.

But why come to that conclusion? The Gospels make no bones about Jesus’ miraculous powers. Why not trust these sources?

It’s because they think the Gospels are biased. In other words, since the Gospel writers were obviously Christians, they embellished the stories about Jesus with the hopes of winning many over to their cause. In the end, they can’t trust that the Gospels report the facts objectively.

While I disagree with that logic (sometimes the most committed people to a cause are in the best position to tell the world about it), I believe we can still demonstrate that Jesus was a miracle-worker without using the Bible…

Evidence for Jesus’ Miracles Outside the Bible