Saint Augustine said a man has as many masters as he has vices. The left has sold vice as a form of liberation. In truth, we become enslaved to our base greedy and primitive natures and thus much easier for governments to control. The people become docile and malleable and atomized, especially since identity politics is promoted to further divide and conquer people, our nations are also becoming increasingly less safe, under leftist control, and further destabilized and therefore more heavily policed. The power of the stage is increasing as people surrender their freedom for more so called security.

Now, these words of this prayer began to make sense. “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” If an organ in the body or a cell is damaged, if part of us is dying, the rest of the body suffers. If a large portion of individuals in our society are succumbing to a self destructive path, the society suffers as a whole. Ironically, people are being sold enslavement as freedom. The left hates Christianity more than anything, because it can’t control people who believe in something bigger than the state.

It’s now my belief that the greatest act of defiance we can make against globalism is to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. —Dave Cullen (from, I was an atheist who took the red pill. Then I took the God pill. Now I’m a Christian)