The Answer Is the Question

by Frank Turek

People need answers to their questions about Christianity, but waiting for them to ask a question isn’t the only way to begin an evangelistic encounter. There are many ways to ask your way into a conversation about the gospel. If you start by asking questions about a popular book or movie, for example, you can direct the conversation to spiritual matters. Then, by asking questions that reveal people’s beliefs and the assumptions behind their beliefs, you may discover what stands between them and Christ.

Below is a hypothetical conversation with a skeptic who has some of the common objections to belief in God. Most skeptics or atheists have these objections not because they’ve studied the issues carefully, but because they don’t want Christianity to be true, and/or they’ve accepted the notion that faith and reason are at odds.

As you read the dialogue, notice how the right questions can reveal the basis of people’s beliefs and objections. You may not have all the answers, but if you ask good questions in your conversations, you may help people realize they don’t really know what they thought they knew. You may even get skeptics to doubt their own skepticism. At the very least, you’ll plant a seed that may cause them to reexamine the basis for their faulty views…

The Answer Is the Question