The Foolishness of Christianity vs the Wisdom of the World

by Cathryn Neracher

I was having a conversation the other day with a dear friend of mine that we’ll call “Renee”. We’ve come to know each other rather well. We can really be open and share the things that hurt us. In this conversation, she shared something that was really annoying her about a date she went out on.

Now, let me say upfront that I know beauty is in the eye of the human beholder, but I believe Renee is beautiful as a matter of fact, not as a manner of opinion. She is not only breathtakingly gorgeous on the outside, she is loving, beautiful and fierce on the inside, so much so I had to change her name in the hopes that a person who has stalked her in the past won’t see this and make a connection to her very unique, real name.

What was troubling her about this date was the comment that he made once he learned Renee is a Christian. I braced myself because I have had a couple of negative reactions from men when I have shared this about me. Usually, it’s some sort of objection like, “Yeah, I was raised______________________, but I just don’t believe in that stuff.” Or, “How can you be a Christian when evolution is true?” But what Renee ’s date said stopped me in my tracks…

The Foolishness of Christianity vs the Wisdom of the World