When someone says they “came to faith through apologetics” or they “became a Christian through the evidence,” I usually take the time to ask them what they really mean when using these expressions. They commonly describe a journey illustrating the sovereignty and power of God to call and transform the lives of His children. In each of these cases, God merely used the evidence as the means by which He called those who needed an evidential approach. God can clearly use whatever approach He desires, as He reaches out to each of us in the manner He knows will be most effective. We see examples of God using the preaching of evangelists, the words of Scripture or the appearance of a vision. God is God, and He’ll do whatever He pleases. For some of us, He is pleased to use the evidence.

That’s why I’m often surprised by those who would oppose an evidential approach. I’m not just an evidential Christian case maker because I favor this form of apologetics theoretically. I’m an evidential Christian case maker because this form of apologetics was instrumental in my own journey to the cross. I favor this form of apologetics experientially. Like so many others, the power of the evidence was part of my own conversion experience and it’s from this experience that I now share with others. God called me, removed my enmity toward Him, and then shared the evidence I found so persuasive. I now hope to be used by God in a similar way as He calls others home.

If you’re a Christian, I would encourage you to think about how God brought you to the truth. Whatever the process, I bet He can use you in a similar way to share the truth with someone else. I’m not concerned about your apologetic or evangelistic approach. I really don’t have a favorite. I do, however, have a personal experience from which to shape my own particular approach. I bet you do too. If God used evidence to help you turn a corner, maybe I can help you better articulate this evidence to a new generation, called by God and shaped like you and me. Someday, maybe someone else will find themselves saying, “I came to faith through apologetics.” —J Warner Wallace (from, “I Came to Faith Through Apologetics”)