Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg’s Top Picks of the Week!

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Today's Moment of Truth: Devotions to Deepen Your Faith in Christ by Lee Strobel & Mark Mittelberg $2.99    A Doubter's Guide to the Bible: Inside History’s Bestseller for Believers and Skeptics by John Dickson $2.99    Finding Truth

Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith by J. Warner Wallace $0.99    Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer $1.99    Evolution Impossible by Dr. John Ashton $2.99

Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper $3.99    The Secret Battle of Ideas about God: Overcoming the Outbreak of Five Fatal Worldviews by Jeff Myers $0.99    Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our Cosmos by David Hart Bradstreet & Steve Rabey $2.99

The Story Luke Tells: Luke's Unique Witness to the Gospel by Justo L. Gonzalez $1.99    How to Be a Christian in a Brave New World by Joni Eareckson Tada & Nigel M. de S. Cameron $0.99    Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God by John F. Kilner $2.51