The Poached Egg is Celebrating Eight Years Of Ministry

By Greg West

When I first launched The Poached Egg (TPE) on June 10, 2010, I had no idea that it would soon become a full time ministry. I started out doing it in my spare time, then went to part time in 2013, when TPE entered into a partnership with the outstanding campus apologetics ministry, Ratio Christi (RC). About a year later I was brought on staff at RC which enabled me to do TPE as a full-time ministry. In spring of 2018, I resigned from RC to partner with Engage 360, a start up ministry with a focus on long-term evangelism and apologetics training in individual churches.

9 Years And A Computer…

  • Over 6.3 million pageviews. An average of nearly 2,000 pageviews per day. We are one of just a handful of apologetics focused blogs that consistently ranks in the top 100 blogs about Christianity, and not all of these are friendly to Christianity. At the time of this writing, Bart Ehrman’s blog (a critical scholar) is ranked at #29, we’re ranked at #48, and (false teaching) is ranked at #52.
  • Visitors from nearly every country in the world: While most of our traffic comes from English speaking countries, we get daily traffic from all over the world, including many countries where Christianity is restricted, and many Muslim countries that are hostile towards Christianity, or where it is outlawed altogether. This year we’ve even started seeing traffic from North Korea, which is thrilling and an answer to prayer!
  • Over 10,000 posts on a wide variety of topics such as Apologetics (our main focus) Biblical Archaeology, Bible Study & Understanding, Christian Living, Current Events, Discipleship, Evangelism, History, Philosophy, Science, and more! TPE draws from hundreds of sources to bring you the best and most relevant daily content on the topics I mention here.
  • I receive a considerable amount of e-mail from believers, seekers, skeptics, and more than a few critics. The most encouraging e-mails I receive are from believers who were struggling with doubt and found TPE to be an edifying resource, and from believers who have encountered tough objections from friends and loved ones and articles found on TPE helped them tackle the tough questions making them better equipped to share the Gospel effectively. In today’s cultural climate, Christianity is under attack more than ever, and we feature many articles on how to effectively integrate apologetics training with discipleship and evangelism in parenting, preaching, youth ministry, and teaching.
  • TPE is also a great resource for those who have apologetics ministries that might not be as well known as someone like Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, or Ravi Zacharias. When first starting a blog or website, it can be difficult to get traffic (believe me, I know!). TPE features articles by those who are just starting out which gives them not only a boost in traffic they might not get otherwise, but it also gives them a boost of encouragement and confidence!
  • Kindle Deals: For the last several years we have been regularly featuring Kindle deals on books that are relevant to the topics featured on TPE. This year to date we’ve sold nearly 3,000 books on apologetics and related topics. Although this brings in a little extra much needed revenue (just over $500 this year), the main thing is getting all of these great resources into people’s hands at an affordable price—from $0.99 to $3.99, and sometimes free!
  • Raising awareness of the need for apologetics training. we’ve featured over 1,000 articles on the topic of ‘Why we need apologetics’ and how it should be a part of every Christian’s life and worship. Sadly, there is still much opposition and ignorance of apologetics within the church. TPE is helping to change that!

Out Biggest Challenge

This last year, as I’ve transitioned to partnering with a start up ministry, the biggest challenge has been to raise full financial support so that this ministry can continue as a full-time ministry. As The Poached Egg enters its tenth year of ministry will you please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly financial partner or giving a special one time gift? You can do so right now at this link here. If just a small fraction of our visitors sign up as $10 to $25 a month in support we would reach our goal of being fully funded. A huge THANK YOU to those who are already giving and for those who are considering. Sharing this post on your social media pages would also be a huge help!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Greg West