Want Gospel Opportunities? Embrace Opposition.

by Steve McAlpine

A friend in Scotland recently told me that the hostility his very secular country is exhibiting toward Christianity is being countered by a flood of genuine interest in the gospel. “It’s never been so hostile here,” he said. “But never more open either.”

So there’s the question. Would you trade some comfort for some conversation? Would you swap some ease for more evangelism?

Future Is Speaking

Scotland is about 10 years ahead of places such as Australia and the United States in terms of secularism, so in a sense that’s the future speaking to us today. The hostility is coming; we’ve seen that already. A few are experiencing it even now.

There’s a positive glee among some, especially political elites—a sense of schadenfreude (pleasure derived from another’s misfortune)—when Christianity takes a battering. There’s a feeling that we’ve had things our way for too long, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

And have you seen the anti-Christian vitriol on social media? I have plenty of believing friends who are laying low, hoping for a time when the hostility settles down and an openness to the gospel returns.

Yet here’s the thing: Openness has returned, and it might be because of the hostility, not in spite of it…

Want Gospel Opportunities? Embrace Opposition.