How did I get interested in Apologetics?

I never imagined I’d be interested in apologetics, but then again, I never imagined my life would turn out this way at all.

Several years ago, I came to a crisis point in my faith. My marriage was in a dark place, and I knew that I couldn’t fix it. Everything I knew how to do was not only failing, but making things worse. I was desperate to save my marriage.

I knew I had to turn to God. If there was any hope at all, it would have to come from Him.

But my faith wasn’t really my own yet. It was borrowed: borrowed from my parents, my church, and my Christian community.

I had lived the stereotypical suburban Evangelical upbringing. We attended church as a family every Sunday morning & evening, and many Wednesday nights, plus Awanas and Pioneer Girls. If the doors were open, there was a good chance one of us was there for something. I was active in youth group, spent a couple of seasons on the quiz team, and I even attended Christian summer camp every summer until college.

I thought my faith was real and perhaps it was, but it was untested.

And I was unprepared for the cruel evils of this world. During high school and college, events conspired against me to test my trust in God’s goodness, which began a long, slow descent away from any genuine personal faith into lukewarm cultural Christianity bolstered by a massive influx of liberalism from my very secular, progressive college…

How did I get interested in Apologetics?