Once Again: Who Designed the Designer?

by Granville Sewell

At the 9-minute mark of a German TV interview with Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig, retired Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research scientist, the interviewer asks, “If God or an intelligent designer exists, then who has created him? Who designed the designer?”

Lönnig (a bit later) says (turn on CC for English subtitles):

There are different questions. If I have a Boeing jet aircraft, or whatever, and I ask “Who has built this machine?” then the answer is “an engineer, a team of engineers.” But some may ask “What is the origin of the engineers? Therefore I don’t believe that this machine has been designed.” We need to separate these two questions: Are there any clues from the structure of matter that suggest intelligent design? After that we can ask another question: What is the origin of the designer? It is possible to reason regarding intelligent design without asking about the origin of the designer. That is certainly a possible and legitimate question, but it does not change the reasoning, when there is a complex specific irreducible system, I can draw conclusions regarding a designer from that, but I can still leave open the other question.

A Familiar Question

We are all familiar with the question “Who designed the designer?” and this is the answer we ID advocates usually give. Those who search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence are confident they can recognize signals from intelligent beings when they receive them, long before they discover anything about the beings who sent them. But we all know this answer will not satisfy ID opponents…

Once Again: Who Designed the Designer?