Q & A with Dr. Craig: The Moral Argument and the Slaughter of the Canaanites

by Reasonable Faith

Q: I have listened to and read a plethora of your (and that of your colleague Frank Turek) presentations of the moral argument for god. I have just read your answer to the question on this site regarding the slaughter of the Canaanites. I perceive significant problems with these arguments and the defenses your god requires. I am baffled how you and Turek think that YOU are in the position to challenge the secular community that we have no basis for understanding “right” or “good” apart from the posited existence of god, and specifically, your god. You are the one who is deceived and misappropriating your foundation of morality, leading to explicit confounding and inconsistency on your part. As an atheist, you can present to me not one historical or fictional narrative of a genocide or the murder of civilians (and domesticated animals) that I would deem “moral” or “good”. Not one!! But, write a story of atrocities that would embarrass a Hitler and a Stalin, and insert Yahweh as the perpetrator, and voila’, you and your ilk call this “good.” Please edify me where I err in my position and perspective.

United States

Dr. Craig’s Response:

A: I’m glad that you’ve read my answer to QoW#16, Tim, but your response contains more bluster than analysis. I think you err at every step…

Q & A with Dr. Craig: The Moral Argument and the Slaughter of the Canaanites