The Avengers in Modern Day Apologetics

by Aaron Simpkins

So, you might be thinking “What in the world do Marvel’s Avengers have to do with Christian apologists?”  Good question! It may help if I start by explaining how I came up with the idea for this article.

It was announced recently at Ocean City Tabernacle, a church my family occasionally visits, that they would be bringing in Josh McDowell next Summer to do a seminar on his book ‘Evidence that Demands a Verdict.’ This got me thinking immediately of who I would be inviting to join me, after some thinking I thought of an agnostic friend of mine who I would categorize as quite the intellectual. Of course, now I had to figure out HOW I would be inviting him. I was picturing the conversation between us and my first thought was to tell him to think of Josh McDowell as the Captain America of current Christian apologists. I assumed this may give McDowell some more credibility (in a weird millennial type of way).

Maybe it’s because I’m a Marvel fan and have a few close comic nerd friends, or maybe it’s because I tend to think of things in the current cultural climate and relate them to other things on my mind, that are relevant at the time. However, all of which probably played a part in how I came up with this interesting and odd idea for an article…

The Avengers in Modern Day Apologetics