3 Good Reasons to Make the Case for Christianity

by James Werner

We live in a culture where people are skeptical of Christianity. They have many questions. Young people in this generation are honestly seeking rational explanations to things they have heard. Unfortunately, many Christians are not prepared or equipped to answer questions relating to the Bible, God, science, ethics or other worldviews.

We need to equip this generation with rational, intelligent and reasonable explanations that show Christianity is true and provides the best answers when we consider all of the cumulative evidence. If we do not provide answers and make the case for Christianity, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to be undermined.

So why is apologetics important? Do you think it is important? Some argue that all we need is faith. Let’s explore these and other important issues surrounding this subject. I would like to consider 3 good reasons to make the case for Christianity.

But before we look at why Christian apologetics is important, let’s define what we mean:

The term apologetics comes from the Greek word “apologia” which simply means to make a defense for what you believe is true.

So, an apologist proclaims and defends the truth of Christianity.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I believe these are 3 broad and very good reasons to make the case for Christianity…

3 Good Reasons to Make the Case for Christianity