Prominent Atheist Admits Intelligent Design Probability

by Eric Cicero

Atheists have always held a materialistic philosophy. But what does the evidence suggest? See a prominent atheist admits intelligent design probability.

Materialism: an Argument Against Intelligent Design

Atheists have constantly purported that there isn’t enough evidence supporting intelligent design. They have always posited a materialistic worldview, or materialism,  explaining our world was created ONLY by natural causes. Materialism proposes that all of the complexity and intricacies we observe in our universe is merely a byproduct of natural processes.

Whether or not atheists want to admit it, there is substantial evidence supporting the intelligent design theory. Many characteristics of the universe we find ourselves in today cannot be explained away merely through materialistic processes. One example being the fine tuning of universal physical constants. When an atheist admits intelligent design, especially a prominent one, it is cause for analysis.

A Prominent Atheist Admits Intelligent Design Probability

One of the most well-known figures in the modern atheism movement is Richard Dawkins. He has been one of the most adamant and prolific atheist figureheads in our generation. With a bestselling book titled, “The God Delusion”, there is no doubt he has played a significant role in the proliferation of atheism.

However in an interview with Ben Stein, Dawkins appears to backpedal on the strictly naturalistic theory. When pressed by Stein about the nature of the universe and how it all started, Dawkins concedes to the possibility of it being created.

To quote Richard Dawkins directly…

Prominent Atheist Admits Intelligent Design Probability