Former Atheist Sociopath, David Wood, Finds Jesus In Prison

by James Bishop

David Wood, a former atheist, has an incredible story to share concerning his conversion to Christianity (1).  Wood does admit to once being a sociopath and explains that “sociopaths don’t form normal attachments to other people. They lack empathy. When they see a person suffering they don’t feel bad over it.

In fact, he thought that his detachment from any concern for other people was evidence of the next step in human evolution, “I was in high school biology when evolutionary theory was really laid out for us. Species develop new characteristics, new traits, and then those can actually eventually take over. And so I concluded that maybe I had reached a higher stage of humanity where I wasn’t held back by emotions the way other people were.”

This became the foundation for Wood’s justification for engaging in acts that transgressed the law, “And so I came to regard all these little rules that people tell you to follow as kind of brainwashing me. Breaking into places, and breaking into the school, or stealing things. I felt like I was stripping away these layers of rules that people had been imposing on me my entire life and it was an amazing feeling.

However, when he was just 18 his intentions spiraled towards the extreme and he plotted to murder his own dad…

Former Atheist Sociopath, David Wood, Finds Jesus In Prison