Do We Really Need ‘Internet Missionaries’?

A while ago I met with a local pastor who had heard about The Poached Egg from a third party and was interested in finding out more about what I do. I was more than happy to oblige. One of the obstacles I commonly face with meetings like this is that I often have to start with an explanation of what apologetics is (yes, even with pastors) before I can even begin to get into why we need it, and more specifically, what my role in apologetics ministry is. Fortunately, this pastor was familiar with what apologetics is, but had thought of it as a discipline limited mostly to higher academia.
Although I had to correct him on that misconception, I was glad that I was able to skip the definition. Once we got past why apologetics is integral and necessary for discipleship and evangelism (as it always has been), I began to dive into what would normally have been a rather lengthy explanation of exactly what my role in the field of apologetics is, he jumped in when I stopped long enough to take a breath and said, “Oh, so you’re a missionary!”

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