Trying to Understand Atheism

Follow @ThePoachedEgg Trying to Understand Atheism by Greg West As I was looking for ideas for some things to post for today, I started surfing around atheist groups and fan pages on Facebook to see if I could get inspired to...

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Ravi Zacharias: The implications of atheism

Follow @Apologetics_Qts I am thoroughly convinced that when the last chapter of humanity is written, we will find that the implications of atheism, i.e., living without God, if consistently carried through, will have made life...

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Why Atheists Are So Angry

Follow @ThePoachedEgg Why Atheists Are So Angry by Dinesh D’Souza If you haven’t seen my “God v. Atheism” debate with philosopher Daniel Dennett, you can view it at You should read the comments in...

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Getting Into the Word

Follow @ThePoachedEgg Getting Into the Word By Greg West A good part of the first twenty years of my life was spent attending church. My family was there at least three times a week and sometimes more. I appreciate the church I...

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Free Book Offer: Tortured for Christ

Follow @ThePoachedEgg Free Book Offer: Tortured for Christ Richard Wurmbrand (1909-2001) was raised in an atheist Jewish family in Romania, and was a confirmed atheist during the early part of his life. In 1936 Wurmbrand and his...

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