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Strengthening Our Faith While Learning Detective Skills with Forensic Faith for Kids

Thanks to the Homeschool Review Crew, we had the opportunity to read an intriguing book which is part detective mystery, part Christian instruction manual. I thought Forensic Faith for Kids from David C Cook, along with Case Makers Academy, sounded like it would be a fun book to share with the children, and it sure has been.

Forensic Faith for Kids is actually the third book in a series of Christian books that help children learn to strengthen their faith while working through a mystery that needs to be solved. Thankfully we didn’t need to have read the first two books to be able to enjoy this one. Though I admit, I am really curious about the other books now, and hope to be able to share them with the children in the near future.

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Would-be and Wouldn’t-be Apologists

What do one million dollars look like? Well, that depends.

If you want to see a million dollars in $100 bills, I am afraid it is not all that impressive, fitting into an oversized briefcase. If you wanted to see a million in $20 bills, it is a bit less underwhelming. At least it would be something that could qualify as an actual pile of money.

However, if you wanted to see a million dollars in $1 bills, now that actually looks like a lot of money. At Chicago’s Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum, a rotating “cube of cash” is on display (click link to view photo). One million $1 bills fill a 64 cubit foot case and weights over a ton. As a single stack, it would reach nearly four hundred feet in height.

What does Christian apologetics look like? Well, that depends.

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Stop Telling Students The Answers and Start Showing Them

I was recently struck by an atheist testimony. She was actually sharing her conversion story out of Christianity. Her reason was that she was always told what to believe and what the Bible said. Every question she asked was met with an immediate answer. When she got older she started to investigate things for herself and found that the Bible didn’t actually say the things that she was told it said. This caused her to doubt everything else she was told about the Bible and Christianity.

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When Theology is Dangerous

I love studying theology. I teach a New Testament theology class at Talbot School of Theology, speak on theological issues at Summit Ministries, and teach a high school systematic theology class at a private school in Orange County. Along with philosophy, theology is one of my favorite topics to study. And I wholeheartedly believe that learning theology is vital for spiritual growth.

But theology can also be dangerous. My concern is not with theology per se. In fact, good theology is critical for avoiding dangerous doctrines and preventing error (Titus 1:9). I wish the church would invest more time and resources in teaching good theology. I am convinced many young people disengage the church because of bad theology.

My concerns here are with the way we teach—or often fail to teach—theology.

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Apologetics: Reason, Beginning the Journey

Our journey isn’t about apologetics, and yet it does touch on apologetics so we’ll look at a few quotes from across the Christian spectrum of opinions. For those who want to study apologetics, they’ll find many books on the subject that take one stance or another.
Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith. The simplicity of this definition, however, masks the complexity of the problem of defining apologetics. It turns out that a diversity of approaches has been taken to defining the meaning, scope, and purpose of apologetics. ~What is Apologetics,
Although our journey isn’t a journey to apologetics, we all ought to be thankful for the work of the apologists…

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